Here are some frequently asked questions about Wedding & Portrait photography specific to my brand.

Why should I choose you as my photographer?

There are lots of things to consider when choosing your photographer. First, I would make sure you truly love the work produced. This is why most photographers have a portfolio website to display their work. Use it, dissect it, love it. Every photographer has a unique style that represents them as a person and as a brand. I view myself as a storyteller. I use a modern & artistic approach to composing images to tell the story of your day and the personalities of you, your bridal party & your guests. I love capturing the candid “feel good” moments between my subjects. I try to stay away from those “Everybody look at the camera” photos (with exception to formal group portraits of course!).

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

There are many costs associated with running a business. However, you will find my pricing is set a little lower than area photographers. You can view a more extensive price breakdown for wedding photography on the A La Carte PDF located on the Investment page. Here’s a little idea. On average, each wedding of 8 hours yields around 1200 images, 2.5 images per minute. Each image, goes through processing, enhancing and color correction, to ensure you receive the highest quality image possible that is optimized for printing. Say I spend an average of 1 minute on each image. That’s 1200 minutes. 20 hours of editing on top of the 8 hours of shooting… You get the idea…

What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have backups?

I update my Canon equipment yearly to ensure I use only the highest quality available. I use high-quailty, fast lenses to create stunning bokeh and preform flawlessly in a variety of lighting conditions. I carry backup camera bodies as well, in case one were to fail. As well as stockpiles of memory cards, lighting equipment, hard drives, etc.

What kind of packages do you offer? Are they flexible?

Definitely! I don’t actually pre-assemble wedding photography packages. I start with a bare-bones base package and you can add on the services you desire, according to your event. After shooting weddings for many years, I’ve found this is the best way to ensure my clients get what they want and ONLY what they want. Every event is different, as is every package.

Do you offer partial coverage?

I don’t typically do partial coverage. In some cases I will make an exception, if the event is on a uncommon date (ie. not saturday, off-season, etc). I like my images to tell the story of your wedding day and I find that hard to do with limited coverage!

Who is shooting my wedding?

You’re talking to him! It’s just me, Chris Zachary. I can do it all. I do offer a second photographer option as an add-on, but in most cases, I find it unnecessary. When would you need a second photographer, you ask? If your wedding or wedding party is exceptionally large (more than 200+ guests, more than 12 in the bridal party, etc) or if there are large distances between the “getting ready” locations of the bride/groom and ceremony/reception, I would recommend a second. I will work with you on a timeline to ensure I have adequate time to cover every individual and detail in your wedding.

Do you shoot Engagement Sessions?

Absolutely! In fact, I always recommend engagement sessions to my clients. Not only are they one of my favorite sessions to shoot, but it gives us a chance to get acquainted from a photographer/client stand-point. Some people are really comfortable in front of the camera, others are not. I adjust my shooting style based on this to ensure the images are natural and represent who you are. But most of all, I want you to feel comfortable in front of my camera. Getting these anxieties out of the way before your wedding day can be a big benefit. Engagement sessions can be added to your wedding package for a modest fee.

How many images will we receive from our wedding?

There are many factors that contribute to this answer, like the length of the wedding, number of locations, number of guests, etc. However, on average, I deliver around 800-1000 images.

When will we receive our images? How do we receive them?

4-6 weeks for online proofing and digital files. 8-10 weeks for albums. This depends upon the season and my current workload, but I usually have them finished before this time frame. Depending on your package or whether you chose to purchase digital files, image files are delivered by DVD or Flash Drive.

I want to show all my family & friends our wedding photos!

That’s how your proofing gallery is setup! We give you the access code, and you can share it with anyone you’d like! Prints and products can be ordered directly from the gallery. Or you can view the images in a beautiful full screen slideshow!

Do you give full rights to digital files, so we may make prints of our own?

If your package includes, or you purchase the digital files, you will be provided with a Print Release Form giving you rights to produce an unlimited number of prints from the provided media. This release is for personal use only, not for commercial application. Additionally, images are delivered at 3000 pixels on the longest side, equivalent to around 10 Megapixels. You can produce fantastic quality prints up to 8×10. However, if you wish to go larger, I would strongly recommend you do so through your online proofing album.

What labs do you use for Albums, Packaging & Prints?

I offer only the highest quality, eco-conscious, handcrafted products to go with your wedding or portrait session. Albums are from Red Tree, Packaging from Loktah and Printing from Mpix Pro. During our consultation, you can choose your album and packaging styles.

Your website says you are based in Wilmington, NC, Do you travel?

Absolutely! In fact, I love to travel! I’m available for local, domestic and international travel. My travel cost is additional to your package price. I will drive up to 50 miles, no charge, after that, I charge .50/mile. If I must stay overnight, I’ll invoice for a moderate hotel stay. All airfare and baggage fees are additional to your package, as well.

Do you offer video services?

Currently, no. It is something I would love to add in the future. I can, however, refer you to some of the top videographers in the region.


How do we reserve you for our wedding?

In order to reserve your wedding date, you must have a signed contract on file and put down a 25% deposit on your package. I would love to meet with you to go over wedding details, hear your ideas and obtain the contract and deposit. If you live out of town, we could set up a Skype meeting. Most clients choose to deliver these items during their engagement session. You can download a copy of my contract here.

Do you shoot anything other than weddings & portraits?

Of course! I have shot events for various firms and businesses, birthday parties, bridal showers, etc.  I also do a lot of traveling, you can view and purchase prints from my travels here.