Aaron+Marcy | Anniversary Session | Fort Fisher, NC Photographer

I had a 4 Year Anniversary session with Aaron and Marcy last week down at Ft Fisher. I have a lot of people request Ft Fisher as a shooting location because its variety of beautiful scenery within walking distance. This fun couple was vacationing from Tennessee and wanted to get some photos to document their 4 years of marriage. Our session was actually the exact date of their anniversary. Anniversary sessions aren’t something you hear of often, but they are a great idea and ensure your photo albums stay up to date. I’ve been busy the past few weeks, but I’m finally getting caught up on editing. These past couple months have been shooting/downloading/importing/processing/exporting/uploading/dvdburning and repeat. I had a wedding this past weekend which will be up first inline on the blog, then two epic engagement sessions this week which will be next, so keep an eye out. Enjoy these for now!